• Pertubuhan Yemen Kasih


About Fundraisy

Our Goal

To implement the charitable, humanitarian and development goals and projects that were referred to in the previous for those who deserve it in Yemen and Malaysia.

Your Donation Means A Lot To Them

  • Contribute to providing a helping hand to our Yemeni brothers who suffer from hunger, poverty, disease, and the destruction of infrastructure due to war and internal conflicts that began since 2015.
  • Malaysia has contributed to alleviating the suffering of hunger and lack of water, and this had a positive impact on the souls of the poor there, and there are those who support them psychologically and financially.
  • A smile was drawn on the faces of orphans, and we are giving a hope for them to continue their studies, which may be the reason for the progress and growth of their society. If we didnt continue for helping them we will increse their suffering more and more .
Help The People

Our Causes

Implementing Development and Endowment Projects

Such as digging wells, providing areas suffering from water shortages with clean water and water tanks, rebuilding mosques and securing Qurans.


Supporting the rebuilding of schools in Yemen.

Poor & Orphans

Providing orphaned students with educational supplies, sponsoring orphans, a bakery project for the poor and orphans.


Providing food baskets for the displaced who live in camps.

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Your Donations Can Change Their Daily Lifestyle

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Latest Causes

GAZA Project

Every contribution to Gaza can make a significant difference in helping the people face daily challenges and enhance their resilience in the face of adversity.
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